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Summertime Dropouts Set To Release Debut Full-Length "Rewind" on June 12th


Wielding highly energetic pop-punk songs laced with thick melodic choruses the Summertime Dropouts will be invading airwaves on June 12th. With the release of their debut full length album, Rewind (via Voluminous Records) and propelled by the unstoppable hooks of single “Full Time Cutie” (now available on iTunes) the band are planning to deliver the school’s out soundtrack of 2012. Youthful lyrics revolving around summertime flings, beach daydreams and girls next door, Summertime Dropouts bring back a Southern California lifestyle to pop music somewhere between The Beach Boys and Blink 182. However like The Beach Boys who wrote surfing anthems but only had one surfer in the group, Summertime Dropouts hail from the chilly climes of Minnesota! Vocalist David Erickson who actually grew up in a small farming town ten miles south of the Canadian border says “when people give us crap for being from Minnesota and writing these songs, I tell them, hey it’s the land of 10,000 Lakes! We actually have more coastline than California.”

The album was Executive Produced by Clint Gibbs, whose recording credits include such high profile top charters as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears. Speaking on the appeal of these guys from the Twin Cities, Gibbs says “Their skill and dedication to the music is on par with the ‘A’ crop of major label acts. After hearing the Summertime demos I knew they had a great record ahead of them.” Rounded out by Danny Knoblock (lead guitar), Joshua Stoll (rhythm guitar) and Mark Nolan (drums) the band started when Stoll broke out old songs he wrote some years prior in high school but never did anything with. Stoll, who is an active producer in the Twin Cities says “I was inspired back then by groups like Boys Like Girls, The All-American Rejects and Blink-182. Listening to those songs again now, it helps take me on a trip down memory lane to a time when life was much simpler and carefree.”

Playing his old demos for Erickson, who is also the vocalist for notable hard rock band Fades Away, Erickson was immediately excited to pursue this music with Stoll and enlisted musical comrades Knoblock and Nolan. Speaking on it Erickson says “In Fades Away, our lyrics pursue a lot of political and social topics. It’s very serious and questions everything. Summertime Dropouts allows me to tap into another side of me which wants to write timeless lyrics that people of all ages, all generations, and all backgrounds can identify with. Everyone has a first love, a first break-up or a desire to be accepted and belong at one point or another and that’s what Rewind is about.”

The first cannon from The Summertime Dropout’s arsenal Full Time Cutie will also receive a video treatment shortly. Speaking on the song, which has the anthemic chorus of “She’ll never be the prom queen, she has one too many tattoos and a lip ring” Erickson says “It’s the story of a girl who doesn’t care about her image or defining herself by hanging with one clique. There were girls in high school or wherever who were popular but not because they were gorgeous, but because they were cute themselves and were open to hang out with everyone and be themselves. The song is about that type of girl, a full time cutie and a part time rockstar.”

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