Exclusive Premiere of Rewind with Band Commentary by Summertime Dropouts

At 12:00 midnight (CST) Summertime Dropouts will be premiering Rewind!

Yes, that’s right! I’m not on mind-altering drugs. And you’re definitely not dreaming!

They will be premiering the entire album complete with commentary from the band! If you want to cheat the system, it should be live around 11:30 (CST)! It will probably be removed from the site at midnight on the 11th or at least moved to the private section of the site only available to Dropout Fan Club Members. So make sure you head over and check it out before then! It’s truly EPIC!

Here’s the link:

For your convenience, links are located below the streaming audio player where you can head over to the site of your choice to preorder the digital album. Other digital retail sites will be offering the album as well, but the album hasn’t appeared on many of them yet.

For a more complete listing of places you can pre-order the physical album, there’s a list of website in the body of the Lyrics Visual for Full Time Cutie on YouTube.