Few bands these days can adequately encapsulate their surroundings into their sound—but Ohio’s Mayfly manages to successfully navigate these waters. Leaping forth from the very depths of the Midwest, this dynamic group of musicians wages war on the listener with a fast-past and eclectic blend of melodic grunge and hard-hitting metalcore that they have coined as “recycled nu-metal.” While “recycled nu-metal” might infer a sense of “already-been-done” musicianship or boring, bland modern metal, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Mayfly draws from a variety of influences—from Deftones to Underoath, and As Cities Burn to Dead Poetic—to create a fresh, forward and engaging breed of metalcore the likes of which the listener has likely never heard.

The politically-charged message of the Ohio-based band tackles many of today’s most serious political and social issues head on. The blood curdling screams of vocalist/guitarist Jared Lacey fuse with the aural assault of guitarist Joel “Swamp Fox” Holycross and bassist Tony Joe “Bertolli” Ford and the jackhammer-like drumming of Adam Thompson to forge a mammoth wall of sound. Reminiscent of some of the greatest Nu-Metal bands of the past (think Def-Tones, Linkin Park and Machine Head), Mayfly’s live show exudes a sweaty, testosterone-laden charisma that is earning them a reputation as a “can’t miss” live act throughout the Midwest. They’re busy earning fans the hard way…one at a time.