Formed in November of 2011, Mayfly has seen several iterations including a variety of line-up changes. However, throughout these changes, the group has been creating steadily more immersive and unique music the likes of which has been taking their local scene of Troy, Ohio by storm.

In one part, this is due no doubt to the variety with which they reach out and snare the listener’s ear. On one hand, Mayfly has faster, more aggressive tracks like “Skylights,” which blend 90’s style grunge and hardcore with more modern metalcore and melodic elements (think As Cities Burn meets Refused for a drink, but gets into a bar fight with Underoath). On the other hand, tracks like “Jihad” heir more towards the radio-friendly side, incorporating more melodic elements and crooned, clean singing, a la Dead Poetic or Funeral for a Friend flirting with a Deftones song. While those tracks represent either extreme of the band’s spectrum, the first single “Eternal Respiration” from the upcoming E.P. looms in the dead center, with fast-paced and pummeling instrumentation that walks hand-in-hand with softly sung (and the occasional belted refrain) vocals.

The E.P. entitled Vereor Deus, Non Dogma is set to release on February 11, 2014.