Pure Volume Set To Premiere "Getaway" by Summertime Dropouts

The song “Getaway” from Summertime Dropouts‘ upcoming debut album Rewind will be debuting on this coming Wednesday, May 30th. The song will be streamed and featured on the front page of the site.

Let’s face it. Most of us have less-than-glamorous jobs. “Getaway” by Summertime Dropouts is a song about freedom. It’s a song about captivity. It’s a song about being stuck at work – whether it’s at a desk or at the factory. You glance out the window and notice it’s a PERFECT day outside. There’s nothing you’d rather be doing than chillin’ in a lawn chair, grilling up some grub and taking the boat out for a cruise on the water. All of a sudden, you realize you’re daydreaming about a day at the lake; a vacation by the beach; a better life away from your humdrum work life!

The character in “Getaway” realizes he’s daydreaming about anything but work and is stuck without an exit plan. Beyond the first verse, the song lyrics are left to interpretation by the listener, but the two most likely scenarios conclude with our loveable beach bum quitting his job to spend his days wasting away by the water or celebrating his day at the beach, wishing it could last forever.

When life’s a “Beach” there’s nothing a little Summertime Dropouts can’t fix. Just sing the “Getaway” lullaby.