Fades Away - Voluminous Records


Minneapolis-based Fades Away have emerged with their own savory brand of highly energetic, intense Christian rock. Their latest album, Perceptions, shows tremendous growth in both the musicianship of the individual members and their collective ability to craft melodically radical nuggets of assailing ear candy. Produced by Noah Henson, lead guitarist and main songwriter for the seminal Christian rock band Pillar, this album is solid from start to finish.

The album cover art and song “Perceptions” illustrate the concept that Christians open the door to darkness and become like Pharisees when they piously represent themselves as “better than” others. The ominous figure in the cover photo grasps his bible as he dwells in self-righteous condemnation of others. “Right Now (We’ll Stand) is a story of perseverance and victory over fear, and “Choir of Failure” addresses the issues of temptation, grace and forgiveness. Insightful and illustrative lyrics take the listener on an odyssey of epic proportions.

After a lineup change which witnessed the departure of guitarists Jonathan Sutton (now with Throw The Fight) and John Laing, and the addition of new guitarist Brett Verlennich, the band is currently working on material for their next full length album. With the lineup change can a slight shift in direction away from a sound resembling RED, A Perfect Circle and Apocalyptica toward a sound more closely resembling Chevelle and, perhaps, Tool. The first single, Creature, is available for sale at digital retailers worldwide.

Duties related to several side projects coupled with a solid tour schedule keeps them extremely busy, and opening for wildly successful bands like Thousand Foot Kruth, Project 86, Fireflight and others has afforded them the opportunity to play in front of massive crowds as they continue to develop an increasingly large and highly-dedicated fan base. The members of Fades Away have found that the ability to share life experiences and beliefs through the music provides the connection and approachability the fans have come to know and love.